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Online extra: Onstage with John Mayer's keyboardist Andy Burton

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DaVinci's Viola Organista acoustic string keyboard

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Artist Home Pages

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Cold Fusion: 5 Ways To Play Like Billy Preston

Organ: 5 Ways To Comp on a Hammond B-3

Blues: Chuck Leavell on Interpreting Piano Great Leroy Carr

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    Beyond the Manual: Inside the (Modulation) Matrix

    • Audio examples - coming soon

    The Art of Synth Soloing: Missive from a Dutch Master

    • Download free patches for Rob Papen's Predator synth

    Dance: Fakin' the Funk

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    DAW: Cakewalk Sonar X3 Producer

    • Video tour of new features

        Clonewheel: Hammond XK-1C

        Analog Synth: Waldorf Pulse 2

          MIDI Controller: Novation Launchkey

          Pad Controller: Novation Launchpad S

            Soft Synth: LinPlug Spectral

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            Five Things About Buying a Modular Synth

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