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    Keith Jarrett: The Power of Being in the Moment, by Jon Regen

    Com Truise Serves Spaced-Out Synth Stabs in a Tasty Galactic Melt, by Lori Kennedy

    • Check out the mini-movie video for “Brokendate.”
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    5 Ways to Play Like Keith Jarrett, by Andy LaVerne

    One-Chord Soloing: Part 2, by John Novello

    Voice Lead Like a Pro: Part 2, by Clifford Carter

    Arranging Sampled Strings, by David Baron

    The Junkers Blues, by Jon Cleary

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    The Integrated Synth-Based Studio, by Francis Preve

    The Art of Synth Soloing: Pitch-Bend Master Class, by Jerry Kovarsky

      5 Things I've Learned About Producing Records, by Steve Lillywhite as told to Jon Regen

      Sound Design and Mix Tips, by Francis Preve

      Make Your Own Slicing Presets in Ableton Live, by Francis Preve

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      Sonic Core: SCOPE Xite-1, by Craig Anderton

      MOTU: MachFive 3, by Peter Kirn

      • Learn more about MachFive 3 in our video demos - COMING SOON.

      Clavia: Nord Electro 3HP, by Michael Gallant

      Novation: Impulse 61, by Barry Cleveland

      Marcodi: Harpejji G16, by Stephen Fortner

      Eventide: Space, by Robbie Gennet

      Korg: iElectribe, by Francis Preve

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      • CLICK HERE for a Flickr slideshow of Keith Emerson's Moog Modular synth!

      Thanks for reading! See you next month!