Happy 10th Birthday MicroKorg!

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The MicroKorg isn't just a versatile and stupidly affordable (around $400 street) virtual analog synth and vocoder--it's become a mark of hipster cred. You're just not a serious synth-pop purveyor or indie rocker unless you've raked the top tiers of your keyboard stand at acute angles to hold the minuscule but mighty synth. Some are even moved to anthropomorphism: "For all the times I've spilled wine on you, for the times I've played you with my feet, for that one time I dropped you in the dirt, and other things, I just want to wish you a happy birthday," said Justin Meldal-Johnsen of Nine Inch Nails. Cobra Starship added that "if the MicroKorg were a person, it'd be someone small with a lot of style, like Danny DeVito." To celebrate, we've re-upped our original review along with praise from top musicians.

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More artists wish MicroKorg a happy birthday:

Adam Blackstone
We are here at the world famous Sydney Opera House in Australia on tour with Janet Jackson, but right now I just want to wish MicroKorg a happy birthday and another strong 10 years. Peace!

I've had my MicroKorg for about nine years, and we've been through a lot together. There are a lot of bruises, grime, wear, and tear on the surface. I've been all over the world with her and we've made a lot of songs together, so I couldn't be doing what I'm doing right now without MicroKorg. I just wanted to say thank you, happy birthday, and keep living large.

Rami Jafee
Happy birthday MicroKorg!

Adam Wakeman
Ten years ago Korg brought out the MicroKorg, and it's still going strong. Happy birthday MicroKorg!

Jae Deal
The MicroKorg XL is my favorite keyboard in the whole world. It's so powerful and portable, I love it! Happy birthday!

Albert Hammond
Why do I use MicroKorg? The question is, why don't you use MicroKorg. Happy birthday!