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Below are multimedia and bonus extras as promised in our October 2016 print issue, featuring the cover story on Kenny Barron's, a tribute to Bernie Worrell and Kandace Springs Plays from the Heart. Want to make sure you never miss an issue and have all the stories that these extras go with? Subscribe now

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Online Now!

Read past interviews with Bernie Worrell on our website.

Bernie Worrell: P-Funk’s Multi-Keyboard Whiz (November 1978)

Bernie Worrell Adds the P-Funk Dimension to the Talking Heads (November 1985)

Cover Story

Kenny Barron: The master jazz pianist scales new heights on his recent album Book of Intuition

  • Watch the Kenny Barron Trio play “Cook’s Bay.”
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    Kandace Springs: The singer/songwriter simmers on her new album, Soul Eyes

    • Kandace Springs plays the song “Soul Eyes.”

    Courtney Swain: Sounds collide on Bent Knee’s Say So

    • Bent Knee performs “Hands Up” live.

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    5 Ways to Sound Like Kenny Barron

    • Kenny Barron and Dave Holland perform “Spiral”


    Listen to Jon Regen play examples from this lesson

    Techniques for Relaxed and Fluid Playing
    The print version of this lesson was edited for space. But we’ve got the full text and more examples.

    The Art of Synth Soloing: Funk’s Greatest Warrior, Bernie WorrellSound Design: Revisiting FM—Learning FM synthesis through analog analogies
    Moog Music Minimoog Model D
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