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Below are multimedia and bonus extras as promised in our January 2017 print issue, featuring the cover story on Robert Glasper, Play Like Shirley Horn, Compose Cinematic Music on the Keys and Tony Banks Early Synth Solos. Want to make sure you never miss an issue and have all the stories that these extras go with? Subscribe now!

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Online Now!

Remembering the late, great musician, composer, and producer Leon Russell. http://www.keyboardmag.com/artists/1236/leon-russell-1942-2016/60614

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Cover Story: Cover Robert Glasper

  • The Robert Glasper Experiment, featuring Mos Def, plays “Stakes Is High.”

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5 Ways to Play Like Shirley Horn

  • Hear Brian Charette play the audio examples from this lesson online.
  • Watch Shirley Horn play live at the Newport Jazz Festival 

Modern Synth Comping Concepts

  • Hear Rachel Eckroth play the audio examples from this lesson online. 

    Cinematic Composition

    • Hear David Baron play audio examples and see the notated scores from this lesson online
    • Dreamscape
    • Video: Distance of Time—A Piece for ARP 2500 Synthesizer by David Baron

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        The Art of Synth Soloing: Tony Banks—the Early Years

        • Full Transcriptions of the solos from “Cinema Show” and “In the Cage” are available online for further study.

        Sound Design: Advanced Wavetable Design—Emulating the PPG Wave with Xfer Records Serum

        • Listen to audio examples.
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