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  • Due to an illness in the correspondent's family, we are unable to bring you highlights from the Electric Forest music festival as promised. Instead, we offer highlights from the BottleRock and Hangout music festivals, and in a different genre, the Longwood Gardens international competition for young classical organists.

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Ray Manzarek

  • Expanded tribute.
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5 Ways To Play Like Hiromi

 Ten Minute Technique: Warming up On the Run, Part 2

Pop: Guitar Voicings on the Keyboard

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Dance: Wub-Wub 2.0 - Working with Multiple LFOs

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Casio Privia Pro PX-5S

Kawai ES7

Korg SP-280

Roland RD-64

Steinberg Cubase 7

Waves Element

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    5 Things I've Learned About Solo Jazz Piano

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