Toolbox February 2011

What VST/AU/TDM/RTAS/Venue plug-in version of elysia’s discrete Class A mastering compressor

elysia Alpha Compressor Plug-In

What VST/AU/TDM/RTAS/Venue plug-in version of elysia’s discrete Class A mastering compressor
Why It’s a mastering toolbox, but includes a mixing version for mix bus operation as well.
How Features include Mid/Side and stereo processing, feedback and feedforward compression, Auto Fast modes for attack and release, integrated audio and sidechain filters, onboard parallel compression, switchable signal coloration, and additional soft-clip limiters. Requires iLok.
Price $299

Neyrinck V-Control and V-Control Pro iPad Apps for Pro Tools

What iPad apps that access transport, editing, and mixing functions of wificonnected Pro Tools systems
Why Remote control of Pro Tools systems through a multi-touch interface streamlines workflow.
How V-Control provides core features for portable, mouse-free recording/mixing, while V-Control Pro offers a level of control comparable to hardware control surfaces. Features include a big counter overlay, swipe gesturing to bank channels, and a pop-over plug-in editor.
Price V-Control Pro $49.99, V-Control $19.99

Toontrack Metalheads EZX

What Expansion pack for Toontrack’s EZdrummer or Superior Drummer AU/VST/RTAS plug-ins
Why Add hardcore metal drumming to your productions.
How Includes two drum sets recorded specifically for metal music, but also features 12 songs by the extreme metal band Meshuggah, with drums played by Tomas Haake and captured as MIDI files, which you can customize and use in your own productions.
Price $89

Nomad Factory Magnetic Plug-In

What Tape sound emulation/warmer AU/RTAS/VST plug-in
Why Add a vintage, tape-like character to digital audio tracks.
How Variable parameters include tape speed, saturation, tape color effects, separate low- and high-frequency vintage-style EQs, and built-in boost.
Price $199

Soundminer HD Plus Edition

What Workflow tools for audio professionals
Why Streamline searching and other project-management functions for popular production programs.
How Available functions include Mac/Windows search engine, batch conversion engine (including sample rate conversion), integrated metadata management tool, sound design tool, DSP processing host, scalable server for multiple users, web publishing vehicle, and tracking/metrics system. Supports spot-to-timeline for Pro Tools 8/9, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Logic 9, Pyramix, and Cubase/Nuendo 5.
Price $399

Rupert Neve Designs 517 Pre/DI/Comp

What 500 Series module based on the Portico 5017 Mobile Pre
Why You can finally find a Rupert Neve Designs preamplifier, instrument amplifier, and compressor in a compact format.
How The preamp incorporates the same transformer as in the 5017; the compressor uses optical technology and a simplified interface— there’s a single threshold control with auto make-up gain and a fixed 2:1 ratio. Other features include DI circuitry with DI/mic blending and variable phase, and “Silk” harmonic distortion texture control.
Price $950

Universal Audio SSL Plug-Ins

What VST/AU/RTAS plug-ins that run on UA’s UAD-2 DSP card
Why Models the “sound” of some of SSL’s most acclaimed modules
How The SSL E Series Channel Strip emulates the SSL E-series console (both “black” and “brown” EQs, cut filters, compressor, and gate); the SSL G Series Bus Compressor emulates its namesake, including the Auto Fade feature. Both are licensed and authenticated by SSL.
Price E Series Channel Strip $299, G Series Bus Compressor $249