Toolbox December 2010

What Feature-laden analog console targeted to project studios and post production


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Allen & Heath GS-R24 Analog Console

What Feature-laden analog console targeted to project studios and post production
Why A modern analog mixer needs DAW integration and choices of input modules.
How The GS-R24 has 24 mono mic/line channels, two dual-input stereo channels, two mono tube preamp channels, six auxes, four audio sub-group buses, master stereo bus and master mono bus. A rear-panel slot provides optional I/O via plug-in interface module cards, while a MIDI control section offers 24 channel faders (audio and MIDI tracks). Mono channels have either motorized or non-motorized faders, depending on model, while mode switches configure the mixer to allow different levels of MIDI control and DAW integration.
Price GS-R24 TBA; GS-R24M motorized-fader version, TBA

PMC AML2 Active Reference Monitor


What Update of the AML series monitors with EQ tilt, an enhanced power supply, and revised cabinet structure with additional internal damping
Why The dual-driver layout, with a low crossover frequency of 1.4kHz, promotes accurate playback for music and speech, despite the relatively small size and weight (35.3 lbs. each).
How A PMC 6.5-inch/16.5cm flat piston woofer constructed from a carbon-fiber/NomexT honeycomb allows for large, controlled linear excursions and provides linear response down to 33Hz. The tweeter is a PMC 1.3-inch/34mm soft-dome tweeter with acoustic lens; the amplifier's analog circuit design (100W woofer, 80W tweeter) is licensed from Bryston.
Price $10,499/pair

Voxengo SPAN V2.2


What SPAN is a free, realtime fast Fourier transform (FFT) audio spectrum analyzer.
Why You want to measure a variety of audio characteristics such as output power, clipping, and of course, spectrum analysis.
How This VST/AU plug-in works with Mac OS X (v.10.4.11 and later) and Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) computers. It’s basically a spin-off of Voxengo’s GlissEQ dynamic parametric equalizer, reproducing its spectrumanalysis functionality. It also offers K-System metering, a correlation meter, mid-side analysis, and other audio analysis tools.
Price Free

Primacoustic TelePad-4 for iPhone


What Enables mounting an iPhone directly on a mic stand, music stand, or hi-hat
Why Makes it easy to view music-oriented iPhone applications— chord charts, backing tracks, guitar tuner, lyrics, etc.
How The TelePad-4 features a high-impact cradle (with quick release) that attaches to the mic stand clamp, which in turn is equipped with a ball joint for 360º rotation and adjustable viewing angle. This allows using the TelePad in both portrait and landscape modes. The adjustable clamp allows the TelePad to fit on the stand portion, the boom, and on other devices such as hi-hats and crash cymbal stands.
Price $35

Ableton Amp


What Guitar amp/cabinet plug-in for Ableton Live 8
Why Because you want good-sounding amp emulation within the Live 8 environment.
How Co-developed with Softube, Amp delivers the sound and simplicity of legendary amplifiers and cabinets. Amp also comes with Cabinet, a separate effect that provides a selection of guitar cabs, with optimized mics and mic positioning. Also included: Instrument and Effect Racks, Live Clips, and more than 400 presets that transform Ableton’s instruments and effects with Amp’s sonic character.
Price $129, download

Waves C6 Multiband Compressor


What Multiband compressor for recording and live sound
Why De-essing, de-popping, feedback management, vocal processing, and instrument sound-shaping can benefit substantially from multiband dynamics control.
How Expands on the C4 with two additional floating bands (four crossover bands total) and internal/external sidechain per band. Individual band listen mode, auto release control, operation at up to 192kHz sample rates, and TDM/RTAS/AudioSuite/VST/AU support round out the feature set.
Price $400 Native, $800 TDM, or as part of the Waves Mercury bundle. Mercury V7 owners covered by Waves Update Plan receive the C6 at no additional charge.

Universal Audio EP-34 Tape Echo Plug-In


What Tape Echo emulation plug-in for the UAD-2 platform
Why The sound of tape echo differs from standard digital delays.
How The EP-34 takes into account the unique characteristics of tape echo, such as tonal changes with feedback, tape saturation, wow and flutter, and the like. It’s available as part of the UAD Software release v.5.7.0, which also includes the officially licensed dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter plug-in, and performance enhancements for Windows UAD-2 users.
Price $199