Propellerhead Record Record and edit automation lanes

Create more expressive tracks by using automation to vary parameters in real time.

OBJECTIVE: Create more expressive tracks by using automation to vary parameters in real time.

BACKGROUND: Record makes it easy to record and edit automation; each controller’s data goes into its own “automation lane” within a track. Use Arrange mode for the following steps, as in many cases it’s the fastest way to record tracks and automation—Edit mode is for more detailed editing.

1. Go Edit > Preferences, and in the Keyboards and Control Surfaces page, confirm that your control surface is enabled for use with Record.


2. In Arrange mode, make sure that the Record Enable Parameter Automation button is enabled (turns red).


3. Click on the transport Record button, then move the control that corresponds to the parameter you want to automate.


4. Record creates an Automation lane, where you can see the automation data as it’s being recorded.


5. Double-click on the automation lane to open it for editing. Click on automation nodes and drag to edit.


6. To add nodes, click on the Pencil tool and click where you want a node. Remove nodes with the Eraser tool.



· Step 2: If you’ve already recorded MIDI or audio data, disable the first lane’s record button to prevent accidental recording. If you want to record MIDI or audio data along with controller data, leave the first lane’s record button enabled.

· Step 5: To select multiple nodes, ctrl-click on them or use the Selection tool to draw a marquee around the desired nodes. You can then move all selected nodes up, down, or sideways as a group.