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It's Amoeba Music's 2009 In Store Highlights There's always something exciting going on at Amoeba. Whether it's a pair of in store performances from Elvis Costello (at Amoeba SF and Hollywood, in the same day ), a ghost story from

It's Amoeba Music's 2009 In-Store Highlights!

There's always something exciting going on at Amoeba. Whether it's a pair of in-store performances from Elvis Costello (at Amoeba SF and Hollywood, in the same day!), a ghost story from the Gossip's Beth Ditto or a look at what Duran Duran are digging out of the crates in San Francisco, Amoeba is the place musicians and music lovers go to indulge their music (and movie) jones.

And for those who can't make it to LA or SF, Amoeba is kind enough to bring the experience directly to your computer with great videos on Amoeba.com. From live in-store video streams, performance videos and photos to candid interviews and "What's In My Bag" conversations and revelations, there's always something new to experience at Amoeba.com.

As a year-end "thank you" Amoeba is also giving away their new 2010 calendars at all three stores! Featuring photos highlighting the past year's in-store shows and events, the calendars are an annual tradition they share with their shoppers and are available at all three locations (while supplies last).

Below is a look back at some of the highlights from 2009 with some "behind the scenes" stories to share.

In-store performance and interview video
One Day - Two Amoebas! Celebrating his new CD, Secret, Profane Sugarcane, Elvis rocked Amoeba San Francisco with a noon show, then brought the band to Amoeba Hollywood for an evening show and signing for the fans before he disappeared into the night...

Gossip visited the Hollywood store and JUST as they were about to do their sound check, the power in the store (and for blocks around) went out due to high winds. Rather than let it dampen the mood, Beth Ditto (using Amoeba's intercom/phone system as her mic) told the assembled crowd of fans a ghost story and the band ended up playing an acoustic version of "What's Love Got To Do With It" by the light of a couple lanterns and flashlights. Hands-down the most intimate, mood-lit, DIY in-store Amoeba's ever hosted.

In-store performance video
Tropicalia legends Os Mutantes performed a masterful and booty-shaking set from their new album while working in songs from their groundbreaking original album. After their show, Amoeba sat down with founder and singer Sergio and ended up talking about music, UFO's and the California desert.

What's In My Bag
Amanda Blank is a rapper and singer from Philadelphia who was joined by surprise guest Spank Rock during her in-store. The two went record shopping after the show and shared their picks.

What's In My Bag
Simon Le Bon and John Taylor!!! At Amoeba, San Francisco!!! Talking about music and movies!!! Totally. Awesome.

Cast Q in-store video
The cast of the cult British TV show phenom rolled into Amoeba, Hollywood on their first visit and tour of the States. They caused a Beatlemania-like frenzy with costumed fans, crying hysterics in the signing line and a birthday girl who planned to tattoo over the cast's signatures on her, ahem, backside...

What's In My Bag and in-store performance video
In February of this year, Esperanza had to reschedule her LA concert to join an all-star list of artists at the White House as Stevie Wonder received the Library of Congress's Gershwin Prize for Popular Song from the President. We were lucky enough to have her stop in for an amazing set before she left town for that historic ceremony and show.

In-store performance and interview
Used to playing stadiums in their native Mexico, Zoé graced the Amoeba stage for an intimate show for their fans - and Amoeba had their first-ever bootleg t-shirt hawkers outside the store after the show.

<http://www.amoeba.com/live-shows/videos/stewart-copeland.html> Interview video
Musician, author and documentarian (oh, and drummer for The Police) invited Amoeba to his home recording studio for an afternoon visit. He shared tales from his recent autobiography and gave the fans a glimpse into his eclectic world.

"Green Room Session" performance and interview video
The band's timing didn't work out for them to play an in-store while they were in town, but they accepted Amoeba Hollywood's invitation to come and play a few acoustic songs in the green room and sat for an interview in what turned into a whole day of amazing live music and conversation in a very intimate setting.

What's In My Bag
It's not all rock stars at Amoeba. Cy Young Award winner and San Francisco Giants starting pitcher (and singer and guitarist) Barry Zito came through to talk about perfecting his jazz collection and why System of a Down gets him revved up before a game.

For these and more 2009 highlights, visit: http://www.amoeba.com/live-shows/calendars.html