BOOK NOTES - "Keyboard Accompaniment and Improvisation"

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With a myriad of music textbooks and online lessons available these days at the click of a mouse, piano students and teachers can often feel overwhelmed when trying to choose new course materials.

"Keyboard Accompaniment and Improvisation" by Ralph Abelein and Jyrki Tenni is a new book (with accompanying online audio tracks) that creatively instructs pianists on wide variety of foundational skills. From rhythm and hand independence exercises, to chords, accompaniment and improvisation workouts, the book presents a plethora of practical examples to help musicians broaden their understanding of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic freedom at the keyboard.

Famed pianist and author Mark Levine ("The Jazz Piano Book") writes, "An amazingly good book that should be in the hands of every classical piano teacher in the world!"

We second his emotion, because this is a book that serves pianists of all skill levels, and helps to demystify the process of spontaneous musical creation.

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