Dave Brubeck Piano Techniques

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Editor's note: We received word this morning, that legendary jazz piano pioneer Dave Brubeck passed away due to heart failure. He was just one day short of his 92nd birthday. Known most widely for making jazz in time signatures other than 4/4 accessible to mainstream music fans with his seminal album Time Out and it's most recognizable single, "Take Five," Mr. Brubeck was interviewed many times in Keyboard. Beyond that, he was always a great friend to the magazine, having served on our advisory board. He had a lifelong passion not just for developing his own artistry, but for educating others as well. What follows is a downloadable PDF of Andy LaVerne's Dave Brubeck piano lessons from the August 2007 issue, in which Mr. Brubeck was featured on our cover. It also contains a full transcription of the song "Indian Summer."
--Stephen Fortner, Editor, December 5, 2012