JoeCo Black Box Recorder

Phantom power is lethal to ribbon mics, right? Not any more. Two new mics from Audio Technica use it to their sonic advantage. Here, A T guy Gary Boss goes into detail about the construction of the ribbons, and shows

This could well be one of the sleeper hits of the show! This single-rackspace unit is pretty much the ultimate "board tape" maker. It inserts into any main PA mixer that has insert points, and yes, you can plug the cables all the way in, because it returns audio to the console and won't interrupt the signal path even in the unlikely event a channel fails. It captures 24 tracks of up to 24-bit, 96kHz audio to an external USB2 hard drive of your choice (not included). It records the audio as Broadcast WAV files, which you then bring right into your DAW from the hard drive. 

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