It's Clonewheel Time Again

We roundup the latest, greatest, and most tried-and-true B-3 emulators.

by Stephen Fortner

Friday at 6PM, and most of the rest of the MPN staff is already getting started on their weekends. Some of us are gluttons for punishment - and for gear - though. So I'm re-arranging the Keyboard and Guitar Player soundroom, filling it with clonewheel organs. The last time we did a roundup of this magnitude was five years ago, in the November 2004 issue. I wrote most of it, in fact, during a time when I was still in grad school and the idea of full-time employment at Keyboard was something to aspire to "someday," so this sort of feels like coming home. The video below shows what I've set up so far, and I talk a bit about more stuff we're going to bring in. Keep watching this blog for more video updates, and the Gear page of the site for more formal, produced videos of accomplished players checking out the clonewheels!

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