Yamaha Reface Keytar Attachment Puts Keyboardists Front and Center

Create Your Sound Any Place, Any TIme
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Move over, guitarists. Yamaha today introduced an easy-to-install “keytar” attachment for the company’s line of reface mobile mini keyboards. reface lets you create your sound any place, any time with four unique models, built-in speakers and 37 HQ-mini keys for great feel.

The reface keytar attachment lets keyboard players step out from behind their stage rig and trade licks with guitarists or steal the spotlight altogether. With the battery power option, musicians can even perform without a cord. The attachment clamps onto both sides of the keyboard, and includes buttons to snap on a strap.

With the new keytar attachment, players of all four reface models – reface DX, reface CP, reface YP and reface CS – can truly create their sound any place, any time, and move to the front of the stage.

The reface keytar attachment (MSRP $79.00) will ship in February 2016.

For more information, please visit http://4wrd.it/usayamaha