Yamaha Introduces the PSR-A3000 Arranger Workstation

Bringing Expanded Voices and Styles to World Keyboard
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Yamaha PSR-A3000 Arranger Workstation Brings Expanded Voices and Styles, Audio-Centric Features to World Keyboard

Yamaha today introduced the PSR-A3000 Arranger Workstation, which brings expanded FlashROM and powerful audio-centric features to the specialized “world” keyboard category.

Based on the company’s top-of-the-line PSR-S series keyboards, the new PSR-A3000 is packed with a sonic palette featuring Arabic, Maghreb, Khaligi, Iranian, Turkish and Greek Styles. Super Articulation Voices reproduce the natural expressive nuances of non-keyboard instruments, allowing keyboard players to achieve realistic expression recreating the sounds of many cultures in a wide range of genres.

Now with 512MB of on-board FlashROM, the PSR-A3000 allows for the addition of even more customized expansion Voices and Styles from the company’s Voice & Style Expansion pack library.

Audio Link Multi Pads on the new model allow the user to trigger audio files stored on a USB flash drive directly from the instrument’s Multi Pad buttons during a performance.

Another attractive audio-centric feature on the PSR-A3000 is an innovative Vocal Cancel function with independent pitch and tempo change that effectively cancels or suppresses the vocals and solos, allowing the musicians to make their own “minus one” track and sing karaoke-style with just instrumental backing.

“The PSR-A3000 is designed from the ground up to allow world musicians to paint any kind of multicultural soundscape,” said Mark Anderson, director of marketing, Keyboard Division, Yamaha Corporation of America. “For studio players, the PSR-A3000 opens the door to sounds and drum patterns not found in other keyboards, and offers the ability to manipulate them easily. For live playing, Yamaha has included fast, on-the-fly controllers to take the difficulty out of making instant changes. This is why the PSR-A3000 will continue to be the top choice of songwriters and entertainers around the globe.”

Rounding out the key features are an assignable joystick controller, a panel scale tuner—essential for performing various world music genres; a 16-track sequencer, a variety of DSP effects, as well as new WIFI audio & MIDI capability (requires the optional UD-WL01 USB wireless LAN adapter), making it the most advanced world music keyboard available today.

Pricing and Availability

Yamaha PSR-A3000 (MSRP: $1,999) will ship in January 2016.

For more information, visit http://4wrd.it/ArrangerWorkstation