World class producers create new Bass Station II soundpack for Novation


Novation's rich heritage in class-leading synthesisers has allowed us to create something really special for Bass Station II.

Novation calls it their Producer Series Vol. I soundpack. It contains 46 brand new analogue sound patches, created by world class synth producers from our eclectic artist and producer community, including:

Kieron Pepper: multi-instrumentalist and live drummer for The Prodigy (1997-2007).

Danny Bedrosian: keyboard and synth player for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, the originators of the genre known as p-funk.

Dan Deacon: composer and electronic musician renowned for his live shows and signed to Domino Records.

Tom Furse: synthesist/programmer for XL-signed band, The Horrors.

The Radiophonic Workshop: original members of the legendary sound effects unit have reunited to tour and release an album of new works.

Designed to add even more warmth and depth to music made on Bass Station II, it also includes a helpful new librarian tool, to help users manage their patches and load their synth sound packs.

Please just click here for more information about our Producer Series Vol. I soundpack, or to download it now.