Win Waves Plug-ins in the Blend Waves Synth Workout Contest

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With so many options in the software synthesizer arena, and with most of them available as some kind of free demo, it may take some extra motivation for you to get off your keester and actually demo a free demo.

Roli’s social music collaboration platform, Blend, is currently dangling a carrot in front of your face to try out Waves’ two soft synths: the granular wavetable synth Codex and the recently updated virtual analog synth, Element 2.0. Blend’s Waves Synth Workout challenges you to get the instruments’ fully-functional 7-day demos, produce an original track using one or both of them, and publish it on Blend by May 16. (You’ll need a free Blend account to enter.)

Blend and Waves staff members will judge the entries and two winners to receive a full version of Codex ($199 MSRP) and two winners to receive a full version of Element 2.0 ($119 MSRP). However, if you don’t feel like gambling on your chance to win the contest, at the time of this posting, Waves was discounting Element 2.0 to $69 and Codex to $79 for the next 35 hours. Act fast if you want in on that.

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Once you’re a member of Blend, you’ll be able to share DAW projects and/or stems with other users; it’s compatible with 10 of the most popular DAWs. The Blend platform also lets you create and sell templates, sounds, presets, etc.; build a following; publish and distribute music to digital stores, and more.

There are also other frequent contests. Currently, a remix contest for Emika’s “Flashbacks” offers prizes from Roli, Adam Pro Audio, Ableton and Native Instruments.

Here are couple of substantial tutorials to get you familiar with Waves Codex and Element 2.0.

Codex Tutorial

Element 2.0 Presets Demo