Waves Electric 88 Piano Samples the Character of a Real Rhodes

The Waves Electric 88 Piano Sample-Based Virtual Instrument Captures the Character, Nuances and Imperfections of a Well-Worn Rhodes Electric Piano
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For a company that’s well known for high-end processing plug-ins packaged up in products like the $2,999 Diamond bundle, or for professional SoundGrid Systems that run into the thousands of dollars, of late, Waves has released some interesting and affordable new plug-ins, such as the Infected Mushroom Pusher multiband processor and now the new Electric 88 Piano sample-based take on the classic Rhodes sound.

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Electric 88 Piano ($69 regular, intro sale price of $39) attempts to capture the distinct character, nuances and imperfections of a worn-in hardware electric piano through about 4 GB of 96kHz stereo samples. The user has control over blending the amount of tines, internal mechanics and “key up” sound (which triggers a sample when you lift off the keys to mimic a hardware EP’s behavior) of each patch.

So that you can ideally dial in your finished electric piano sound on one channel within one plug-in, Electric 88 also includes a full complement of Waves processing, including tremelo, autopan, phaser, chorus, reverb, EQ, compression and an Amp section with overdrive and the choice of condenser or dynamic mic.

In a second video, in the hands of one of its creators, Electric 88 Piano sound alternately silky smooth and etheriel, or crunchy and ballsy. The chorus and tremelo sound particularly beautiful, and with an expert combination of Drive, Comp and Tines, it takes on a gritty sound that could bring it to the forefront of a mix.

Furthermore, Electric 88 sounds authentic. Hearing some of the different tones triggers images of grimy ‘70s classic rock guys with long hair, long beards and big ties; other vibes makes it sound like a good ‘80s sitcom theme song is about to kick in.

Right now, you can pick up Electric 88 Piano for the introductory price of $39 or try the free demo. It works as a plug-in or standalone program for Mac or PC. See the long-form video below for more details, or check out the Electric 88 Piano product page for more audio examples.