Waldorf Edition 2 Software Offered Free with Purchase of Blofeld, Rocket, or 2-Pole

Promotion Runs July 1st through 31st, 2016
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The venerated Waldorf Edition software suite, comprising three of Waldorf's most famous creations---and now updated to version 2 with a beautiful new interface and greatly enhanced effects processing---is being offered for free with the purchase of any new Waldorf Blofeld or Rocket synthesizer or 2-Pole filter from authorized MV Pro Audio retailers. Designed for use with VST and AU systems, the Waldorf Edition 2 features:

PPG Wave 2.2V: Virtual reincarnation of the cult classic wavetable synthesizer.

Attack: Percussion synthesizer powered by a mighty analog sound generator.

D-Pole: Versatile filter plug-in with five filter types, sample rate reduction, ring mod, overdrive, delay, and more.

The free Waldorf Edition 2 promotion runs July 1st through 31st, 2016. Program details can be found at www.mvproaudio.com/waldorf/waldorf-coupon/.