Vox Updates the Legendary Continental

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Melville, NY – September 1st, 2017 – Vox has been known for their iconic hand-wired amps and innovative guitars, such as the Teardrop Mark VI and the Phantom VI, for 60 years. But before they were creating revolutionary amps such as the AC15 and AC30; amps hand-picked by some of rock n rolls most influential bands, Vox was an organ manufacturer, known as the Jennings Organ Company. It was with this expertise tied with their progressive vision that Vox was able to create the iconic transistor-based combo organ, the Vox Continental. Today, 50 years later, Vox has recreated a new version of “The Connie;” transforming the original combo organ into a modernized rendition, loaded with present-day sounds and updated performance features.

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With an all new intuitive interface designed for on-stage playability, the reissued Vox Continental allows for instant access to all features from the convenience of the front panel. At the heart of the interface is a unique multi-ribbon LED touch strip which allows for adjustment of a variety of parameters such as drawbars, EG, LFO, EQ and more. 

VOX Continental takes after Korg’s powerful Kronos and Grandstage models by housing multiple engines, each dedicated to providing amazingly articulate and detailed sounds. The organ section consists of three engines: VOX Transistor, Compact and CX-3, each meticulously mirroring the sound of the original models. The EP-1 engine focuses on electric pianos, SGX-2 provides incredibly expressive pianos, AL-1 delivers polyphonic and solo synth sounds both modern and classic, and HD-1 rounds out the palate with a generous helping of PCM-based instruments across multiple categories. The sounds are organized into four parts, each with a dedicated section and settings on the control panel. Organ, Electric Piano, Piano and Key/Layer sections can be combined to create powerful layers. A dedicated valve drive circuit utilizing Korg’s proprietary Nutube technology provides just the right amount of warmth, harmonic distortion and vintage character on the overall output.Each Vox Continental comes with a custom, sturdy A-frame stand (STCONTINENTAL) and a road-ready V861 volume/expression pedal. The stand is fully height-adjustable and features an angle-adjustable tier.

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The Vox Continental 61 and 73- note versions will be available this month for $1999.99 and $2199.99 respectively.