Vienna Symphonic Library Announces Downloadable Jazz Drums

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Westlake Village CA – Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the arrival of a brand new download instrument: Vienna Jazz Drums. Now, the Vienna Symphonic Library brings a decade of experience in sampling and software development to the art of jazz drumming. Included in Vienna Jazz Drums are single hits using all known drum techniques and articulations. Featuring a 60’s era, custom Rodgers drum kit, Vienna recorded a variety of sonic nuances inherent in each instrument with sticks and brushes in multiple zones. For example, by sliding the modulation wheel, the drumstick hits can be moved from the center of the head all the way to the rim in one smooth motion. Special attention was given to the ride cymbal, responsible for the characteristic quarter note pulse of many Jazz tunes. Tempo, playing zone, velocity, as well as the number of times the cymbal is hit in the context of the music contribute to the sound and lend to the authenticity of the Vienna Jazz Drums’ experience. Vienna Jazz Drums will work well in swing and Latin grooves, big band, bebop and in ballads.

Seventeen additional instruments have also been made available from the DVD Collections, for download. From now through July 31, 2012, buy two Single Instruments and get one single instrument for free. The price of the free Single Instrument must be equal to or lower than the price of the most expensive Single Instrument being purchased. There is no limit on how many instruments can be purchased to receive this special offer.
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ILIO is the official North American distributor for Vienna Symphonic Library. The Vienna Symphonic Library company was founded in Vienna by Herb Tucmandl, a visionary composer, musician, and filmmaker who helped redefine the modern sample library. By inventing new sampling techniques and tools, Tucmandl and his team have created what has become the most widely used orchestral sample library in the industry.