Vienna Ensemble Pro

Vienna's completely revamped mixing host with MIDI and audio LAN capability comes with Epic Orchestra, a free Grand Orchestra Sample Pack!

Vienna Ensemble PRO works universally on Macs and PCs, for Vienna Instruments as well as 3rd party VSTi/VST3/AU/RTAS instruments and effect plug-ins. With the 64-bit version of Vienna Ensemble PRO you can load as many samples into your RAM as you have available! Use it as a host on the same computer as your sequencer to integrate all your 64-bit and 32-bit instruments, or use it as a master-slave solution, even on cross-platform networks with multiple Macs and PCs. Run your sequencer on your main computer, launch Vienna Ensemble PRO on the slave computer, and simply connect them using an Ethernet cable. You can easily route the audio streams of a whole arsenal of computers back to your main machine.

Another major improvement is the new Preserve function. Now you can keep your templates and instruments loaded while switching from one project to another. Add to that many other new features and improvements, such as the sleek new user interface, the Optimize All function, full 64-bit support on the Mac, mixer automation, and you're presented with the uber-host for sample-based music production on one or more computers!

One Vienna Ensemble PRO product comes with 3 licenses, so you can set up a network of up to 4 computers (one host and 3 slaves, provided there's no stand-alone version of Vienna Ensemble PRO running on your main computer).

Vienna Ensemble PRO is a free upgrade for users of Vienna Ensemble 3. If you're a user of Vienna Ensemble 3, you don't need to download a new license, just log on to Vienna's User Area and download the software right away!