UVI Updates Falcon to Version 1.2

Free Update Brings New and Improved Modules, 100 New Presets and More
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Free update brings new and improved modules, 100 new presets and more

UVI releases Falcon v1.2, adds new and improved modules, additional factory presets and more, available now

 UVI announces Falcon version 1.2, a free update to their flagship instrument available for all Falcon users. The update includes 3 new effect modules (Phasor, Phasor Filter and Diode Clipper), an enhanced version of the IRCAM Stretch oscillator, newly updated effects including Dual Delay, Xpander Filter, Rotary, UVI Wide and Tilt, and 100 newly crafted factory presets. Falcon 1.2 is available for immediate download at uvi.net.

Falcon 1.2 increases the factory library with 100 new presets, giving users an expanded selection of bread and butter sounds. The new presets have been expertly crafted using Falcon’s deep sound design capabilities to showcase its power and versatility. Three new effects have been added including Phasor, a variable 12-order automatic phaser with LFO-based sweep between adjustable high and low frequencies, Phasor Filter, a manual version of Phasor and Diode Clipper, a circuit-modeled clipper effect. A number of existing effects have also been retrofitted with enhanced features and improved UIs including Dual Delay, the Xpander Filter, Rotary, UVI Wide and Tilt.

The 1.2 update also brings with it an enhanced version of the IRCAM Stretch oscillator, adding a ‘Remix’ section that provides discrete level control over the harmonic, noise and transient components of the signal allowing for a tremendous range of new textures and possibilities when working with samples.

Falcon represents the pinnacle of hybrid instrument design, allowing unrestricted use and layering of oscillators, effects, modulation generators and event processors for nearly unlimited sound design potential. Falcon offers native 64-bit operation in stand-alone and plug-in formats, supports surround setups up to 10.2 channels, is compatible with all UVI and UVI-Powered soundbanks, and allows simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers of iLok keys.

Pricing and Availability:
Falcon 1.2 is a free update for all licensed Falcon users, available immediately through the ‘My Products’ page on uvi.net. Falcon is available for $349 / 349€ on uvi.net and through authorized dealers. A free $100 / 100€ voucher is included with every Falcon license good towards the purchase of any soundbank at uvi.net (good for 2 months from purchase date).

Additional Information:
Additional information on Falcon is available at: http://www.uvi.net/falcon.html