Toontrack Releases New EZkeys Instrument and MIDI

Two New Products in the EZkeys Line
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Toontrack announced the release of two new products in the EZkeys Line, the EZkeys String Machine and the Dream Pop EZkeys MIDI pack.

About EZkeys String Machine

The String Machine sound library is based around a meticulously sampled mid-seventies Solina String Ensemble synthesizer, but also comes with a collection of sounds sampled from several other machines of the same era. Combined with the rich selection of presets and instrument blends, EZkeys String Machine paints a sonic landscape of never-before-heard hybrids of sounds sure to become a staple in your arsenal of creative tools.


  • The full EZkeys software and MIDI library
  • A carefully sampled mid-seventies Solina String Ensemble synthesizer
  • Sounds from several other classic machines of the same era
  • Close to 70 mix-ready presets

Find more information, video and audio demos here:

About Dream Pop EZkeys MIDI

The Dream Pop EZkeys MIDI pack was influenced by the genre of dream pop as a whole, but also loosely based around the EZkeys String Machine instrument and its rich palette of sounds. Even though it comes with traditional piano or keyboard playing styles and works just as well with any instrument in the EZkeys Line, the separate section of “dream pads” related to each song is tailored for ambient and ethereal soundscapes.

This is the perfect collection of EZkeys MIDI for anyone looking to write big, modern pop songs. Slice, dice, mix, match, change and rearrange – let your creativity run free.


  • Piano/keyboard playing variations inspired by dream pop music
  • Played by professional piano player
  • 4/4 playing variations in straight feel
  • Intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge sections
  • A separate section of “dream pads” MIDI for each song

Find more information, video and audio demos here: