Tone2 Releases Icarus

Powerful Synthesizer with 3D Wavetable Synthesis
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Powerful Synthesizer with 3D Wavetable Synthesis

ICARUS offers "a fresh signature sound, which quickly catches the audiences' attention" with an easy to use interface and a over 1000 factory sounds created by professional designers. This synthesizer can do: All classic synthesis methods, 3D wavetables, morphing, resynthesis of samples.

It has: 53 effects, 3x10 stereo oscillators with hypersaw, dual stereo filters with 62 filter types and distortion, an arpeggiator, a vocoder, a wavetable editor and more!

3D Wavetable Synthesis

Icarus is a '3D wavetable synth', because Tone2 extended the popular traditional wavetable synthesis, which allows to cross-blend waveforms, with an additional dimension for morphing. Icarus can create special sounds with lots of dynamic expression and movement. Most of these sounds are hard, or impossible to create with other synthesizers.

ICARUS is a product byTone2

Tone2 - ICARUS MSRP € 149.- $ 149.- £ 129.-

Available “boxed” on DVD or download