#ThrowbackThursday Vintage Synths of the Bright Sparks Movie

Slideshow of some of most important stars of the film: the synthesizers.
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Last week, I reviewed the Bright Sparks concept album and documentary, which honors eight of the most influential and inspirational vintage electronic instrument companies and their inventors: Moog, Buchla, ARP, Chamberlin, Mellotron, Electronic Music Studios (EMS), Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) and Freeman.

However, there were so many beautiful images from the movie that I decided to take a closer look at some of them here. And of course, this is just a small sampling. 

You can purchase the album/documentary package for 15.99 British pounds (about $23US on the day of publication), which lets you download the album in WAV, AAC and MP3 formats, and gives you three resolutions for the film, including glorius high-def.

***Photo credit for the featured image, top of the page: Jeff Boult.****