The MIDI Association Launches at NAMM 2016

New free online community will spread the gospel of MIDI.
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Well over three decades into its life, MIDI continues to proliferate across the world. in the last year, Apple added support for Bluetooth MIDI; Google added MIDI to Android M and Web MIDI to the Chrome browswer; and Microsoft updated its MIDI support in Windows 10. Such updates will expand the reach of MIDI to an estimated 2.6 billion devices worldwide, according to the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA), which standardized MIDI technology in 1983.

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So it seems like an appropriate time for the MMA to launch its new organization, The MIDI Association (TMA), this week at the 2016 NAMM Show. Based at, The MIDI Association is a free online community for anyone who works, plays and creates with MIDI: artists, educators, developers and the many folks who are all of the above. The site features streaming video, interactive forums and hundreds of articles for the global MIDI user base.

To expand on scope of offerings from The MIDI Association, a 13-member advisory team will convene create funding opportunities for and focus TMA’s direction. This team includes the likes of Craig Anderton, Executive Vice President, Evangelist at Gibson; Roy Elkins, CEO at Broadjam; and Dendy Jarrett, Director at Harmony Central.

"In a world with billions of MIDI-enabled mobile computing devices, our goal is to create more music makers by promoting the vast MIDI capabilities offered when those devices are interfaced with musical instruments," said TMA advisory team member Gerson Rosenbloom, former NAMM chairman and Sweetwater Vice President of Stategic Management. "We look forward to the active participation and support of companies and foundations in our industry in helping us to bring awareness to the masses."

You can sign up to join The MIDI Association with your email address at right now.