The Loop Loft Now Available at all Guitar Center Stores

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Musical loop content from The Loop Loft now available at all 245 locations, nationwide.

FRAMINGHAM, MASS (May 7, 2013) – The Loop Loft, developer of the world’s most musical loop collections, announces immediate availability of all of its products at all Guitar Center stores. Music creators can instantly infuse their tracks with drum, guitar, bass and other instrumental content from The Loop Loft using virtually any DAW or music-making software including Pro Tools®, Ableton™ Live, Reason™ and GarageBand®. 

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Music creation will never be the same. Producers used to need a truckload of cash to get an A-list musician to play on their tracks. Or they could program lifeless backing tracks on their drum machine or sequencer. Not anymore, thanks to The Loop Loft. The Loop Loft partners with the world's top musicians, capturing the essence of their unique, human, musical DNA in a form that makes it easy for anyone to build their tracks.

Loop Loft loops are drag-and-drop ready for any software. Through partnerships with some of the leading developers each loop is seamlessly integrated. So instead of spending time programming their computer, musicians spend their time making music.

Music makers can upgrade their rhythm section with all the nuance and personality of living, breathing musicians. Producers will find using The Loop Loft loops is like being in the recording studio with their favorite players. The Loop Loft delivers true inspiration to unleash musicians’ creativity. With styles from Blues to Brazilian and Folk to Hip-Hop, the Loop Loft has the right content, no matter where one’s ideas take them.