Teenage Engineering Announces Pocket Operator PO 20-Series

The Wall of Sound in Your Pocket
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Teenage engineering and cheap monday are very happy to announce the follow-up to last years success story - the pocket operator PO 20-series.

  • PO-20 arcade - arcade synthesizer
  • PO-24 office - noise percussion
  • PO-28 robot - live synthesizer

Three new units, compatible with all our other products. same low price, same platform and format, but with a totally new character and style. to achieve this we reached out to software engineer Linus Åkesson, a guy we’ve been watching for a couple of years. Linus is a true expert in the po 20-series style of music, and we're super proud to have him onboard.

$ 59 / € 69 / £ 49 / SEK 695

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See the new units in action, presented by the main man himself, Linus Åkesson, lead programmer of the PO 20-series.