Synthogy Presents a Very Special Upgrade Offer in September

Only Through September 30, 2016
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Since it was introduced, Synthogy's line of Ivory II virtual pianos has broken sales records and won numerous awards from the press. The reason is clear: Ivory II is by far the most advanced, best-sounding, and most intelligently designed virtual piano on the market.

September is your best opportunity to advance to the pinnacle of virtual piano artistry at amazing price savings. All upgrades (download versions only) from the original Ivory to Ivory II are on sale for up to 47% off their normal upgrade prices.

Upgrade From Upgrade To Regular Price Sept. 2016 Price Ivory Grand Pianos 1.0, 1.5 or 1.7Ivory II Grand Pianos $129 $69 Ivory Italian Grand Expansion Pack or 1.7Ivory II Italian Grand $69 $39 Ivory Upright Pianos 1.7Ivory II Upright Pianos $109 $59

Save Up to 47%!

(Only Through September 30, 2016)

Upgrade Me!

Contact your favorite dealer, order online, or call us at 800-747-4546 to take advantage of this great offer!