Symplesound Unvells The FM Collection

Ableton Instrument Libraries Showcase Vintage and Modern FM Synthesizers
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Ableton Instrument Libraries Showcase Vintage and Modern FM Synthesizers

Symplesound has released three new Ableton Live libraries – DX, 81Z, and Operator – that offer musicians and producers instant access to the power and flexibility of FM synthesis. Consisting of three distinct products that span the 80s, 90s, and 21st century, The FM Collection includes iconic FM-based sounds that have appeared in countless pop, R&B, dance and new wave hits over the past three decades.

The DX library includes 10 velocity multisampled instruments based on the legendary Yamaha DX7, including its definitive electric piano, bass and marimba. These sounds were used by a wide range of artists during the 80s, including Janet and Michael Jackson, A-Ha, Tears For Fears and Sting.

The 81Z library focuses on 11 multisampled instruments that helped set the tone of the 90s house and techno genres. Featuring house organ, funk clavinet, bells and plucks – as well as the bass patch popularized by both Babyface and Orbital – the 81Z instruments are well-suited to today’s deep house and techno movements.

The Operator library is an entirely new approach to bringing intuitive FM synthesis tools to musicians looking to quickly create and modify their own unique sounds. Each instrument type – bass, pad, lead and pluck – features five distinct FM “models” that can be instantly customized with control over harmonic spectrum, filtering, and specialized envelope controls.

All three products feature Symplesound’s critically acclaimed approach to integrating royalty-free MIDI loops and detailed tutorials into each library, allowing artists of all genres to immediately use the libraries in their own productions with unprecedented ease-of-use.

With introductory pricing of $14.99 for the DX and 81Z libraries and $24.99 for the Operator library, The FM Collection can now be purchased at A bundle containing all three libraries is also available and priced at $49.99 (until November 1, 2016).

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