Sweetwater Re-launches inSync, the Industry Standard for News and Technical Information about Musicians and Gear

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Fort Wayne, IN, March 19, 2013 — Sweetwater, the third-largest music instrument and

pro-audio retailer in the U.S., has re-launched inSync, the industry's leading resource for

daily music news and product research.

Sweetwater.com’s home page has been completely redesigned, providing greater ease

of use for searching and browsing music instruments and pro-audio gear, plus, for the

first time, inSync, Sweetwater’s proprietary news, information, research, product demo,

and rich media feature, has been given a prominent position “above the fold” on the


Back in 1997 when the web was just getting started, Sweetwater first launched inSync,

and it has been updated nearly every weekday since. Its purpose was not to just to share

news about the industry or new gear, it was educational as well. From the beginning,

inSync included a “Word for the Day” and “Tech Tip of the Day,” to help readers

understand new terms and get the most out of their equipment. Edited by Editorial

Director Mitch Gallagher, the new inSync will feature daily, often hourly, updates,

including music industry news, product reviews, videos, tech tips, buying guides,

interviews, and much, much more in one easy-to-use interface.

Also, over the years, Sweetwater has created more than 1,450 videos and more than

20,000 informational and technical articles, dealing with virtually every aspect of the gear

Sweetwater sells and services. These have now all been integrated into inSync, and are

categorized by subject and can be easily searched or browsed. Whether you want to find

product reviews for guitars or tech tips for your iOS device, everything is now just one or

two clicks away.

Chuck Surack, founder and president of Sweetwater, says, “The re-launched inSync will

serve as the central hub for all educational resources at Sweetwater.com. We are setting

a new industry standard for providing the most complete and up-to-date information, in

a variety of formats, on everything musicians, recording engineers, producers, and other

music professionals and amateurs need at their disposal.

Hundreds of articles from print newsletters and catalogs are now available online, as

well, with rich media, including images, videos, and audio demos embedded into the

articles. Readers can join the conversation in the comment section under each article or

share articles via social buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Since its “sneak preview” launching in February, inSync readership has gone up by a

factor of 20. Thousands of daily readers flock to inSync for the latest news, and more than

150,000 customers receive the inSync e-digest, a free weekly newsletter summarizing

everything from the past week into a single e-mail.

From the beginning, Sweetwater has been committed to providing accurate and useful

news and research. The re-launched inSync will continue and expand on this tradition

with its newly designed, all-inclusive, and easy-to-use interface.

Check out inSync at: http://www.sweetwater.com/insync/

About Sweetwater Sound

Sweetwater began business 34 years ago in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is the country’s

most respected dealer in high-technology equipment for musicians, recording studios,

and broadcasters — from microphones and digital recording systems to electric and

acoustic guitars to electronic keyboards and electronic and acoustic drums. Sweetwater

customers range from beginners to rock stars. The company’s equipment can be found

in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville recording studios, TV and radio stations all

across the country, as well as in tens of thousands of home recording studios nationwide.

Sweetwater is built on a commitment to the highest level of customer service in the music

technology industry. For further information visit www.sweetwater.com.