Summer NAMM 2016 Top Gear: Effects Pedals

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At last week’s Summer NAMM 2016 show in Nashville, the focus rested predictably on guitarists. Except for some Casio digital pianos and Yamaha portable keyboards, the biggest news in keyboards and synths came from Dave Smith, with his announcement of a desktop module version of his OB-6 analog synth collaboration with Tom Oberheim.

However, there’s always plenty on the menu at a Summer NAMM show when it comes to effects pedals. Everyone knows they’re not just for guitarists, right? There’s little else like a good stompbox (or a chain of them) for breathing new life into keyboard’s sounds, as well as giving yourself some added options and foot control for the stage and studio.

These effects pedal highlights from Summer NAMM 2016 include some reinvented classics, some new concepts in expression, a software download of all things, and my favorite, a Mellotron-inspired tape-replay pedal. Enjoy.