Square Audio launches single-driver speakers, calls them “world’s most linear” nearfield studio monitors

Kickstarter campaign launches for single-driver design for studio recording monitors.
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Los Angeles, CA, May 26, 2015. SQUARE ROOT are professional reference-grade loudspeakers that are linear both in frequency and time domain, created to experience the most natural and undistorted sound reproduction in near-field listening environment. Perfect experience for a true musician!

Every artist should try to use non-distorting loudspeakers to have an evidence-based possibility to evaluate performance quality and behavior of any music instrument as well as recording and sound processing gear. Without a truly neutral and non-coloring speaker system music creation can become extremely complicated.

The first loudspeaker system launched earlier this year by Square Audio is called SQUARE ONE. These are unconventional mid-to-near field studio monitors with innovative approach to enclosure design featuring the very best components that industry provides today. SQUARE ONE acoustic system is unique, with ultra-high performance standard but not everyone can afford them. Therefore SQUARE ROOT speakers were created.

Roland Yanevich, CTO of Square Audio explains: “I did set two goals when designing SQUARE ROOT. They had to be affordable for way more customers than SQUARE ONE and they needed to have the best possible quality in the size required for their use as musicians’ every day companions. Fortunately I had researched dozens of acoustic designs and worked with tons of components before and I knew the perfect solution to achieve outstanding accuracy in performance of SQUARE ROOT”.

The key advantages of SQUARE ROOT:

·Single full-range driver - a true point source

·No distortions introduced by crossover of two (multiple) drivers

·No delays caused by driver alignment

·Driver has soft suspension and long excursion - avoids compression and loss of detail in low frequency range

·No timbral distortions created by difference in drivers' materials

·Smart and powerful digital filtering to remove slightest non-linearities of speakers performance both in frequency and time domains

Technical specifications:

·Full range, near-field, bass reflex system

·Frequency response: 40Hz-22kHz (+/-2.5dB)

·Phase response: +/-10 degrees (250Hz-20kHz)

·103dB max SPL

·Class D amplification

·DSP filtering

·Dimensions: D 10'' (25cm), W 8'' (21cm), H 14'' (35cm)

·Weight: 18.7lbs (8.5kg), each speaker

·Working distance: up to 7' (2m) max

“I believe that this is the possibility to create game changing products which can bring music creation and reproduction to a totally new level, and I trust that with the help of Kickstarter those who are dedicated to materialize fantastic ideas into reality and also those supporting these ideas can take part in resurrecting the meaning of high fidelity audio into people`s everyday lives again. We at Square Audio are dedicated to research and develop only the loudspeaker systems that truly impress us and our customers”, says Viesturs Balodis, CEO of Square Audio.

SQUARE ROOT launched on Kickstarter on May 26 to raise funds for manufacturing of the first batch.During the campaign that will last for 24 days until June 19, SQUARE ROOT will be available at several price points and with optional finishes. Standard pitch black and dream white version limited to 25 pairs for early backers will be offered at $690. SQUARE ROOT special editions with the optional mahogany, cherry and oak finishes will be available for $990. SQUARE ROOT products will be shipped worldwide.

Square Audio is an independent developer and manufacturer of unconventional loudspeakers bi-headquartered in Riga, Latvia and Los Angeles, CA.