Sound Trends’ studio.M iPhone/iPod App Delivers New FREE Multitrack DAW

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SEATTLE July 1st, 2011: Sound Trends celebrates freedom this 4th of July by giving songwriters and producers the freedom to create anywhere with their FREE, new music tool - "studio.M". Record songs in your tent on vacation or nab a rap from that guy you met at the airport - now you can record and produce "wherever"! studio.M is based on Sound Trends’ top-selling studio.HD app for the iPad and offers 4 streaming audio tracks (upgradeable to 8) with 16bit/44.1 kHz recording, editing, extensive loop library and automated mixing with effects all controlled by a fast, creative touch interface. Plus there's an in-app Store with more loops by established 3rd parties and producers.

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This powerful iPhone/iPod touch app (and iPad in 2X mode) requires iOS 4 or above and is available today FREE in the Apple App Store. The in-app “MX” upgrade adds 4-more audio tracks (8 total), 5 more effects and 130 more loops for only $7 USD!


MULTITRACK TO GO studio.M gives you up to 4 tracks (stereo or mono) of playback, upgradeable to 8 tracks (via in-app studio.Mx edition upgrade). Grab a drum loop, throw down a guitar part, add some overdubs and layer-on some cool textures then export the CD-quality audio recording to your Mac/PC if you want.

AUTOMATIC TEMPO MATCHING Using loops recorded at a different tempo then the song you're on? Want to increase/decrease the song tempo to dial in the perfect groove? studio.M can conform audio to your Project's BPMs.

BROWSE AND AUDITION LOOPS Included Loop Sets logically group loops in color-coded instrument parts (drums, bass, guitars, keys, etc.) that work well together. Also you can audition loops at the current Project tempo.

INCLUDES GREAT SOUNDING LOOP CONSTRUCTION KITS Get access to over 100 loops as Loop Sets spanning Trance, Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, Drum ’n’ Bass, Minimal, Progressive House, Reggaeton, Industrial, Rock, Pop, Funk and Country styles. Upgrade to MX for 130 more loops!

IN-APP LOOP STORE Hit a creative wall? Buy some new loops and get the juices flowing or grab one of the free sets on the store. Loops available from well-known, major 3rd party providers plus boutique producers!

ZOOM AROUND AND EDIT FASTER WITH YOUR BARE HANDS! You get standard Cut, Copy Paste, Split and Crop functions plus operations intelligently snap to Bar/Beat based on Zoom level. The LOOP CONTROL BAR lets loop regions for recording and playback AND serves as an EDIT TOOL to Cut/Copy/Paste whole verses/choruses. Easily loop/repeat audio to play longer. 10 levels of Undo prevent any big mistakes. Pull and pinch zoom plus double-touch to quickly "Auto-Zoom" your whole composition into view.

AUTOMATED MIXING WITH AND REAL TIME EFFECTS! Each track has a volume fader and up to 4 real time effects – all with automation! You get Compression, Pan, Low/Hi Pass Filter and Reverb. Buy the studio.MX upgrade to add Delay, Flanger, Gate, Stutter, BitCrusher and Glitchy Repeater! An X-Y touch pad controls effect setting and automation.

FILE MANAGEMENT FEATURES New recordings associated with your project can be browsed, renamed and tagged with BPM. Delete recordings by simply dragging them off the timeline. Archive recordings, Projects, mixdowns and user-created custom loops to the computer.

IMPORT YOUR OWN LOOPS Import/Export your own 44.1/16 bit WAV files via iTunes. Edit your studio.M recordings and add to your "My Loop" sets for reuse across multiple Songs/Projects.

EXPORT YOUR MIXED TRACKS! Create your CD-quality mix and save it to your Mac/PC. Post it for friends to hear!

AUDIO COPY/PASTE Use Gruvtron or other apps to create new instrument parts and paste them to a track!

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Sound Trends, LLC (, creates innovative music apps for mobile producers, DJs, and musicians. Their apps are top 10 sellers on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad platforms.

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