Rossum Electro-Music Releases EVOLUTION Variable Character Ladder Filter

Rossum Electro-Music Releases their First Eurorack Module
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Pure Analog Filter Provides Everything From The Platonic Ideal of The Classic Ladder Filter To a Vast Selection of Alternative Filter Characteristics

(Scotts Valley, CA, January 19, 2016) -- Rossum Electro-Music today announced the release of their first Eurorack module, the Evolution Variable Character Ladder Filter.

At the core of Evolution is Dave Rossum's enhancement of the iconic Moog ladder filter from the original E-mu Systems 2100 LPF module (which, incidentally, Dave counts as his favorite sounding of all of the analog filters he has designed).

For Evolution, Dave has designed new capabilities that not only allow users to dial in all of the outstanding qualities of the original 2100, but combine to let them create the sonic characteristics of a wide variety of other filter types.

They include:

  • A Genus control that allows continuous voltage control of the number of filter poles (from 3 to 6 poles), essentially allowing real-time variation of Evolution’s effective cutoff slope from 18dB/oct to 36dB/oct. LEDs give continuous indication of the current slope.
  • A Species control that lets users vary the signal level into the ladder, letting them control the intensity of the filter’s characteristic distortion. When in self-oscillation mode, this control modulates the amplitude of Evolution’s output.
  • Voltage controlled resonance with a variable Q Level Compensation control that controls of the balance of the resonant peak and the frequencies below the cutoff frequency (which would otherwise be attenuated as the resonance is increased).
  • An extremely accurate and temperature-stable frequency control exponential generator (accurate over 10 octaves), rivaling the specifications of the best analog VCOs.

Taken together, EVOLUTION gives you everything from the platonic ideal of the classic ladder filter to a vast selection of alternative filter characteristics.

Like all Rossum Electro-Music modules, Evolution is solidly built, with machined aluminum knobs and high quality components throughout.

Evolution will be available shortly from Rossum Electro-Music dealers worldwide.

More Evolution information can be found at the Rossum Electro-Music web site:

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Rossum Electro-Music creates uniquely powerful tools for electronic music production. Driven by the creative and technological vision of electronic music pioneer Dave Rossum, Rossum Electro-Music is the culmination of Dave's 45 years of designing industry-defining instruments and transformative technologies. Today, Dave and Rossum Electro-Music are building on that 45 year history to bring a new level of creativity, innovation, and quality to the electronic musicians, producers and sound designers of the 21st century.

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