Roland Announces Winner of the Digital Piano Design Contest

128 Designs Submitted
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By Jong Chan Kim from USA 

Facet Grand Piano

Roland's digital-piano design contest resulted in some very interesting concepts.

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The Roland Digital Piano Awards took place for the first time in 2015, and 128 designs were submitted as part of the worldwide contest.

One Grand Prize Award, one Excellence Award, and five Incentive Awards were selected. At first the plan was to choose only one Incentive Award winner but the quality of the submissions inspired Roland to open the category further and make room to recognize five designs.

Among those aspiring works, the judges appreciated the accuracy, the aesthetics, and the creativity of the Grand Prize winning “Facet Grand Piano”. The Excellence Award winning “SONUS” was praised for the unique piano and chair design that was part of a single lined ring, and for its iconic and elegant appearance.

“Unleash” was the official theme of this unique design contest, and Roland received a wide variety of creative design concepts that moved well beyond the traditional concept of a digital grand piano. Design submissions included clever variations on traditional piano concepts, innovatively designed piano acoustic systems, and interesting interface and projection concepts that were unique to digital piano.

As Roland Corporation continues to set new performance standards and design expectations for the digital grand piano, it’s possible that some of these unique and inspiring award-winning concepts could one day become a commercial reality.