Roland Announces New Music-Themed Video Channel Roland - Spotlight

Putting Music Lovers from Around the World in the Spotlight
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Roland putting music lovers from around the world in the spotlight

Roland is pleased to announce Roland.Spotlight, a new music-themed video channel that gives music lovers from around the world a chance to be in the spotlight. Roland.Spotlight is a user-generated video channel made for music lovers by music lovers. The goal for this unique new program from Roland is to give everybody, regardless if they are just starting to play or are professionals, a chance to be in the spotlight by showing their musical styles in fun, inspiring, emotional, and unexpected ways on video.

Roland.Spotlight will also give players a chance to unleash their creativity, performance tips, musical abilities, and more to a like-minded group of music makers on a global scale. Participants can easily share their work on YouTube while also being showcased within Roland’s dedicated Roland.Spotlight community online.

Through the Roland.Spotlight program, Roland aims to inspire the joy of creative expression and playing music on a worldwide digital stage. Featured videos will be hand-selected by a team of musicians at Roland and showcased on dedicated Roland.Spotlight web and social media community pages. The entry period for Roland.Spotlight begins April 6, 2016, and the Roland.Spotlight community web page will be live May 10, 2016.

For more information, please visit the official Roland.Spotlight web page here: