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Retro Ads: Moog Minitmoog Lead Synth

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After 40 years of Keyboard Magazine, we've accumulated a trove interesting, funny, bizarre and nostalgic advertisements. We'll be publishing some of our favorites every week.

Today’s ad features one of the most forgotten Moog models, the two-VCO, monophonic Minitmoog, in an ad from the December 1976 issue. A mini-lead synth with preset sounds and 37 keys, the Minimoog was an updated version of the Moog Satellite, meant to compliment larger rigs. This photo from shows the Satellite on top and the Minitmoog on the bottom.

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The Minitmoog’s ability to quickly change the sounds with the switches on the front panel was supposed to be a selling point in this primitive era of preset sounds. The Minitmoog’s two VCOs let you play two of the preset sounds at once and blend them. Controls for the filter, modulation and glide sat on the left, so you could work them while playing with the right hand.

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While the Minitmoog pretty much died on the vine, it was a bit of an unsung pioneer, as it had pressure sensitive keys and aftertouch for pitch-bending and modulation effects.

This video demo for the Moog Satellite conveys the type of sounds you’d find on the Minitmoog, and you'll notice that it has a lot of signature Moog character:

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