Retro Ads: Moog Micromoog

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After 40 years of Keyboard Magazine, we've accumulated a trove interesting, funny, bizarre and nostalgic advertisements. We'll be publishing some of our favorites every week.

This ad for the Moog Micromoog, which first came out in 1975, touts the low price ($795) and low weight (20 pounds) of this single-oscillator, 32-key synthesizer. Today, you can get a single-oscillator Arturia MicroBrute analog synth for $299 street, which weighs 3.9 pounds. But why stop there? The Bureau of Labor Statistics' inflation calculator says $795 in 1975 has the buying power of $3,500 in 2016. So with that, you could get a 49-key, 6-voice Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 analog polysynth for $2,999 street. As nostalgic as we can be, that is better than a Moog Micromoog, hands down.

So remember folks, we live in the best of times for musicians. If you don't like today's music, make something better. You have the power!

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