Release of the post-production plug-in: AudioSteps

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Following wind, rain and engine sounds, AudioSteps comes in. Footsteps sounds come to life with subtlety and variations at your Fingertips!Pursuing its continuous product offer expansion, Audiogaming is releasing its fourth audio plug-in in only 18 months! After AudioWind, AudioRain and AudioMotors, AudioGaming will release in early April its new AudioSteps plug-in. It is based on Audiogaming’s advanced real-time audio manipulation tools, coupled with a large and high-definition footstep sound library recorded on purpose with DPA precision microphones (more than 100.000 files were recorded to produce AudioSteps). The library includes large numbers of high quality recordings per combination, 7 surfaces and 6 types of shoes allowing real-time adaptation of sounds to fit most of audio post-production needs.

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Some Sound design tasks are so demanding that they require very specific tools.AudioGaming develops innovative plug-ins which offers groundbreaking possibilities for audio professionals as well as semi-professional. They have been used successfully in the most demanding context, from Hollywood block-busters to innovative video games.

AudioSteps, the latest plug-in created by Audiogaming has been eagerly awaited by Sound Designers to respond to nowadays constraints. It offers instant sounding of any media material involving footsteps. Available in most standard industry formats(Mac/PC, VST/RTAS/AU), AudioSteps offers a impressive wide range of controls that allow sound designers to shape their footstep sounds to match almost any kind of situation. Coming by default with around 40 variations for each footstep sound type, professionals have instantly access to over 20 combinations plus additional presets creating endless possibilities. AudioSteps has a unique feature that enables sound designer to adjust the virtual recording microphone perspective as well as the perceived distance. It also includes the possibility of adding additional footstep databases that will soon populate our catalog as well as the unique possibility of requesting custom databases specifically tailored to specific needs and specifications.

AudioSteps will be available in two flavors: free with no limitations but with only one databanks, or commercially licensed like other plug-ins with a complete databank set covering everyday needs.
AudioSteps features:

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  • Get instantaneously hands on access to thousands of footsteps with different walking speeds, varied behaviors (walk, break, scuff, tread), and clumsiness.
  • Unique recording setup control to change mic perspective and footstep perceived distance
  • Pitch control and randomization
  • Envelope control for each walking type
  • Midi in/Midi out for unlimited control surface possibilities as well as mixing synchronicity.
  • Complete preset system to speed up recurrent work
  • Instant preview for fast browsing
  • Unique midi note off mode to offer instant sounding flexibility & soon to come tablet control (iOS/Android)
  • VST, RTAS, AU / Windows, MacOSX

A short video to demonstrate AudioSteps in action is available herePre-authorized AudioSteps with “small” databanks (5 variations only to save download time)available here:· Mac :
· Win VST:
· Win RTAS:

  • SoundDelux - Harry Cohen: Sound Effect Designer for Django Unchained:

“Audiowind was very useful for dialing in just the right character for our wind ambiences, and for creating the missing colors we needed in the backgrounds for Django. A great plug-in! "

· Bulkypix
Audiogaming is part of “HolyShield: Journey To Hell” co-production with DogBox studio & international publisher Bulkypix:
Audiogaming took care of all sounds and sound programming including an innovative procedural audio engine.

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  • Varun Nair – Sound designer / Designing sound

“It is AMAZING! There is so much that can be done with it and there is so much variation. Using the plugin for room tone is a splendid idea! It is easy to create sounds for both realistic and fantasy like scenarios! It’s tough to find anything negative about it as it opens up so many options and its behavior is quite realistic! “

  • Keyboard magazine - Christine Webster

"AudioGaming is opening the way for procedural audio synthesis with their first two plug-ins AudioWind et AudioRain. A refreshing concept that will tremendously help sound designer in audio post-production and video games. Try it, you’ll love it! "

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with clients in USA, UK, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Finland, Switzerland, …

  • R&D project
    AudioGaming is the leader of a 3 years national research project involving internationally renowned research lab IRCAM – Started in October 2013.