Our new MegaTraps absorb more than any other commercial bass traps in the world, regardless of price.
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RealTraps has announced their new MegaTrap that absorbs more, and to lower frequencies, than any other bass trap product ever made at any price.

MegaTraps are meant for corner placement only, and boast a front face nearly three feet wide. When stacked from floor to ceiling, they fill the corner completely for maximum absorption. MegaTraps are built similarly to other RealTraps bass traps, using our proprietary limp mass membrane behind the front fabric for maximum absorption at bass frequencies.

Besides absorbing more than any other bass trap in the world, MegaTraps also look terrific. When placed in a room corner, all you see is the solid color fabric front. Since they don't look like typical acoustic panels, they have very high "spouse" acceptance. They also look terrific in recording studios and control rooms.

MegaTraps blend invisibly into every domestic setting. If the MegaTraps in the rear corners of Ethan Winer's living room above weren't black, you'd never see them!

MegaTraps are available with the front fabric in white, wheat, gray, and black colors.

MegaTraps are sold in pairs only for shipping efficiency. MegaTraps cost $249.99 each, or $224.99 each when buying eight or more. An optional rigid top made of 1/4" thick Masonite is available for $25 extra, for domestic placements where a shorter stack (one or two MegaTraps) will serve as a corner table, corner counter surface, or corner speaker stand.

MegaTraps will be available for sale by October 15, 2009, though pre-orders are being accepted now. Full details including their amazing absorption data is on the MegaTraps<> product page.