Rain Introduces New Element V2 Video And Animation Supercomputer

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Rain’s Flagship Video Editing Workstation, Element V2, Gets Updated With 16 Cores, 96GB of Memory and 12TB of Storage Making It the Most Powerful And Expandable Rain Ever

RINGWOOD, NJ – July 10, 2012 – Rain has officially released the newest version of the high performance Element V2, its flagship workstation designed for pro video editing and animation. Rain Computers, world-renown designer of computers for audio, video and graphics production created Element V2 for its professional clients including the US Olympic Committee, Conan O’Brien, BBC and Northrop Grumman.

Element V2 comes at a time when high end workstations are in short supply and the content creation community is hungry for hardware that can keep up with their resource intensive software. And, with Apple’s only desktop computer, Mac Pro, left to languish in last year’s technology and venerable names like HP and Dell staggering to find relevance in today’s technological landscape, the job of providing sophisticated technology and support falls to the creative computing acumen of Rain.

Rain describes this new system as the most powerful Rain computer ever and it’s not hard to see why. With options for up to 16 processor cores, 96 gigabytes of quad-channel memory, 12 terabytes of high-speed RAID hard disk storage and the NVIDIA Maximum platform – a combination of NVIDIA Quadro workstation graphics accelerators and Tesla companion processors – you’ll have to work pretty hard to find a single workstation computer with similar performance.

But performance wasn’t the only goal in designing Element V2. Superior stability and compatibility with industry-standard software like Adobe Premiere Pro and 3ds Max by Autodesk are of paramount importance. Commented Rain CEO, Kevin Jacoby, “With technology moving at breakneck speed these days, it’s too easy to get wrapped up in creating ‘the fastest computer possible’. Sure, Rain users take pride in the raw power of their workstations like anyone else. But they also know that time is more valuable than money and when you’re up against an immovable deadline, failure is not an option. So we took the time to build a system they can truly rely on no matter what.”

The result is a workstation that is as dependable as it is powerful and one that will guarantee to pull every ounce of performance from the software editors and animators rely on every day to make movies, commercials, video games and whatever else they can think of.

Other features of this computing colossus include an intelligent liquid cooling system, all aluminum construction that helps dissipate heat and reduce vibration, room for larger expansion cards via its seven full-bandwidth PCI Express 3.0 slots and forward facing USB 3.0 and eSATA ports that give easy access for high-speed streaming up to 4.8Gb/s from an external hard drive.

Element V2 is available now from the Rain Custom Shop and select Rain Authorized Dealers like B&H Photo and Chesapeake Systems. The base configuration starts at $4499 and offers options for 8, 12 or 16 cores; liquid cooling; 96 gigabytes of memory, 12 terabytes of high performance RAID storage; and NVIDIA workstation-class graphics and processing designed for video editing and 2D/3D animation and rendering in real time.

More info available at www.RainComputers.com/element-v2