QRS PNO3 Technology Wins the Keyboard 2016 Super NAMM Award

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At this year’s NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, New Bay Media, the publisher of Keyboard, Electronic Musician and many other top-brand musical instrument titles, presided over the 2016 Super NAMM Awards.

For these distinctions, panels of expert judges considered each product submitted and judged them in person based on value, versatility, design, craftsmanship, feel, sound, cosmetics and that elusive something special, “mojo.” Items were scored on an average based on a 1-10 rating, which took into account only the criteria that were applicable for each product.

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The Keyboard Super NAMM Award winnder for 2016 is:
QRS PNO3 - QRS PNO3 takes an acoustic piano—traditionally seen as an old fashioned stodgy nicety for non-players—and transforms it into an entertainment experience that is relevant today. QRS PNO3 focuses on knocking down the barriers to piano ownership—If you can’t play, we have a player piano.

If you want to learn, QRS gives you the feel and sound of a real piano without sacrificing the features of a digital. If you value your investment, a real acoustic with digital capabilities delivers that value without the obsolescence of a digital and maintains all its warmth, ambiance and craftsmanship.

QRS’s multiple technology platforms have a plethora of really unique “mobile use cases” that on their own would demand a standalone mobile solution. For customers to realize the benefits of all of these technologies they need to be accessible to QRS’s customers. They have to look, feel and operate as if they are one and not some cobbled together science project. The applications have to function on any device, from tablets to wearables and be OS independent. Their corresponding mobile apps are then required to stay current with changes to the devices and their operating systems. QRS’s approach to mobile takes care of these issues.

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Live performances, interactive lessons, archiving performances, music creation, account management, cloud access and music focused promotions all seamlessly integrated. The ripple effect is profound, it promises to democratize the opportunities for artists, teachers, institutions and dealers that are involved in the keyboard market.

The QRS PNO3 also makes the new Story & Clark Aria, Aria PNObar and Academy pianos possible. The Story & Clark Aria is named after the Vegas Aria Resort and aimed at the institutional market. QRS has partnered with German piano manufacturer Bluthner to design a grand piano that can handle the rigors of constant use. The Aria represents a turnkey high quality solution for any commercial establishment. It takes the guess work out their purchase decision. PNO3 delivers on off scheduling, massive music selection, performance capabilities, recording capabilities, easy interfaces, Sing A Long, live video performances, archiving, network integration, account management, cloud access and music focused promotions all seamlessly integrated. Add the PNObar and the customer gets laptop and cell phone charging, task lighting, more revenue generating seats.

Top scorers for each publication were singled out and will be featured in an upcoming Super NAMM Awards guide. New Bay and the awards judges also would like to give props to the industry at large for continuing to present exciting and meaningful innovations and thoughtful craftsmanship.

The other Super NAMM Awards winners are:

Electronic Musician
Roland EC-10 El Cajon
Yamaha Montage

Bass Player
D’Addario NYXL Bass Strings
BOSS BC-1X Bass Comp
Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig

Guitar Aficionado
Carvin K-Series Guitars

Guitar Player
Lehle Mono Volume
Supro 1695T Black Dog Amplifier
Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Signature Skinner humbucker set
Knaggs Choptank Trem Hollowbody
BOSS Waza Amp Head and Cabinet
D’Addario Nickel Bronze

Guitar World
Seymour Duncan Palladium Gain Stage Pedal
Eden Amplification E-uke
Kiesel Aries Electric Guitar
D’Addario Nickel Bronze
Washburn WLO12SE
Taylor Guitars 562ce-12 Fret