Pro Sound Effects Releases Expansion 2 Library

Pro Sound Effects includes 62 GB of Ambiences, Impulse Responses and Production Elements.
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Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound library company, has released the Expansion 2 library - 2,721 royalty-free sound effects (62 GB) of indoor & outdoor ambiences, impulse responses, new production elements, and sports recordings.

Developed with user feedback as an enhancement to Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library the Expansion 2 provides critical utility backgrounds and design elements for cutting edge film, game, television, radio and audio post production.

"Expansion 2 marks the second enhancement we've made to our Hybrid Library line," says Douglas Price Founder & President of Pro Sound Effects. "Our team's collaboration with current Hybrid Library owners was critical in determining what sounds and metadata structures would yield maximum utility and value. After three years of the Hybrid Library program, we're more committed than ever to supporting freelancers and independent media creators with accessible pricing for big library features."

Expansion 2 Key Features:

● 62 GB delivered on 64 GB USB 3.0 custom flash drive
● 2,721 sound effects including 1,332 hand-picked ambiences, impulse responses, new production elements and sports sound effects
● Masterful Metadata for fast, pinpoint searching
● 100% Royalty-Free
● Developed with feedback from Hybrid Library owners
● 50 download credits to Online Library
● Available by Application Only
● $2500 in value for only $500 through December 31, 2014 (reg. $750)

View Expansion 2 Audio Demos, Metadata and Full Features

In addition, Soundminer search software is available as an optional Add-On to provide seamless DAW integration right out-of-the-box.