Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library Sale Ends Dec 31st

There are 30 discounted units available for freelance sound designers. The sale ends December 31st.
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Tis the Season for the annual Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library sale and only 30 units remain available at $1,500. After December 31, the Hybrid Library will go back up to $2,500 for qualified freelance sound designers.

"The Hybrid Library is a big studio library valued at over $10,000," says Douglas Price, Founder & President of Pro Sound Effects. "Since 2012, we have supported independent media creators with affordable access to the same sonic resources used by big production companies worldwide. We always release a limited number of units towards the end of the year give freelancers the best possible price for the most competitive sonic arsenal going into the New Year."

On November 1st, Pro Sound Effects released 100 Hybrid Library units at $1500. To reserve one of these Hybrid Libraries, you can go to the Hybrid Library Application page.


● 56,477 Sound Effects on Hard Drive: 338 GB of professional sound delivered on flashy Hybrid-branded USB 3.0 hard drive
● Spans the Sonic Spectrum A to Z: Categories include Ambiences, Animals, History, Nature, Science Fiction, Technology, Warfare and beyond
● World-Class Recordists: we curate sound effects content from the top recordists and sound designers including Blastwave FX, BBC, BOOM, Foundation, Sound Control SE, and beyond
● Online Access to 215,000+ sounds from any computer through the Pro Sound Effects Online Library
● Masterful Metadata for lightning fast, pinpoint searches. Compatible with Soundminer, NetMix, Basehead, AudioFinder, iTunes, and beyond.
● Free Annual Updates: 2014 Update includes 400 new sounds (6.4 GB) from Blastwave FX plus enhanced metadata
● 100% Royalty-Free Lifetime License
View Full Hybrid Library Features, Videos, Audio Demos & Reviews

In 2014, Pro Sound Effects released a number of videos and blog post highlighting how the Hybrid Library is used by sound designers to get a leg up in their career and productions performance.


● Hybrid Library Season 3 Product Video
● Sound Designer Spotlight: Ryan Billia (Rumble Audio, Brooklyn NY)
● How I Work 1: Matt Piersall (Gl3KK, Austin TX)
● How I Work 2: Will Morton (Solid Audioworks, Scotland UK)