Pedal-Lock Stops Your Pedals From Slipping

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Are you tired of your sustain pedal slipping? If so, you need Pedal-Lock. Pedal-Lock stops sustain pedal slippage in its tracks!

Affordable - Just $19.95!

Free Shipping - Through Christmas! (USA only)

Lightweight - No heavy, bulky metal or mats to carry around!

Convenient - No need to dismantle and reinstall with every move!

Subtle Low Profile Design - Virtually unnoticeable!

Adjustable - Change the pedal or position in a second! Fits most keyboard stands up to 34" wide.

Expandable - Optional expansion strap gives you extra length to fit most applications up to 70" in width!

Flexible - Quickly adjust the straps for any keyboard stand height!

Multipurpose - Just fold up your keyboard stand with the sustain pedal still attached to the Pedal-Lock or remove the straps and safely bundle your cords!

Bonus Benefit - Pedal-Lock reinforces the strength and stability of the keyboard stand!

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