One of the most impressive vintage synth collections we’ve ever seen

Slide show of one of the most complete collection of playable (and visitable) vintage synths we know of. Located in Emeryville, California.
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Emeryville, California is a strange little place nestled near the east shore of the San Francisco Bay. It sits between Oakland and Berkeley and aspiring animators might know it for being the home of Pixar. Probe past that, the Ikea, and a couple of huge biotech campuses, and you’ll find several collectives and co-working spaces that are home to all manner of makers, musicians, and artists. One such place houses the studio of Lance Hill, who has spent much of his life collecting the most desirable vintage synthesizers on the planet. He doesn’t have everything yet (What? No Elka Synthex? No RSF PolyKobol?), just most of it. Frankly, outside of the home studios of a handful of well-heeled and synth-obsessed rock stars, it’s one of the most complete and compelling collections we’ve seen in the USA. All the synths are in playable condition, and most importantly (and unlike a rock star’s studio), the place can be visited. While not exactly open to the public in a storefront sort of way, Lance regularly plays host to synth meets, jams, and pop-up stores where Eurorack module makers show their wares. In fact, “museum” is a bit of a misnomer, as it’s really more of a hub of synth community activity in the San Francisco Bay Area. To learn more, visit his website at Enjoy the pics below!