NuForce Announces High-End DAC Headphone Preamp for Laptops

The uDAC-2 Signature Gold Edition is a high-performance 24bit/96kHz USB digital audio converter that lets you discover your digital music’s true headphone potential in chic elegance
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Milpitas, Calif. – August 1, 2011 – NuForce, Inc., a leader in professional and consumer audio solutions, announces today the availability of its uDAC-2 Signature Gold Edition USB digital audio converter. The uDAC-2 SGE combines a USB DAC and a headphone amp into one ultra-portable device, perfect for those seeking high-performance audio from their digital music files. Retaining the classic look of the uDAC-2, the elegant uDAC-2 SGE is adorned with a genuine Swarovski crystal on the volume control and encapsulated in a lustrous 24K gold-plated chassis with stainless steel front and back panels.

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This uDAC-2 SGE was designed for the refined consumer that desires audio products with exquisite design, while retaining superior sound quality. The uDAC-2 SGE connects a user’s personal computer to their home stereo system, desktop sound system or headphones for superior sounding audio. Its compact size, power and performance make the uDAC-2 SGE the ideal companion for any discerning music enthusiast.

Product Specs:

Inputs: USB (USB 1.1, 2.0 compatible)

Analog RCA
Digital Output: coaxial RCA
3.5mm Headphone

Dimensions: 2.68” x 1.50” x .82”

More Features:

Circuit board is enhanced with a cryogenic process
Double jitter-reduction mechanism at data level and oversampling filter stage
High voltage 2V analog output
High-quality analog volume control
No capacitors in any of the audio signal paths
Low power consumption: USB self-powered, no external power supply required

The uDAC-2 SGE is available now from for $399.

About NuForce:

NuForce is a California-based company devoted to the development of exceptionally fine yet reasonably priced consumer-electronic products. NuForce launched its brand in 2005 with audiophile-quality switching amplifiers based on patented, proprietary technology, thereby promptly becoming a leader in audio's high-end marketplace. NuForce has won Power Amplifier of the Year awards both in the United States and Japan and has since expanded into other aspects of consumer electronics. In addition to its celebrated two-channel and mono amps, the NuForce line now includes headphones, loudspeakers, a music server, CD player, preamp, multi-channel amplifier, and cables.